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An Idea is Born

This has been an amazing journey! 

After owning and operating a FIT4MOM fitness franchise for 6 years and after having my third child we decided to open this home fitness studio for women. Throughout my time as a group fitness instructor and personal trainer 

I have worked with women from all walks of life. They have all had different goals and many have inspired me. Health and fitness has become a passion. I love learning about how our bodies work and how they respond to fitness and nutrition. This home studio allows me to offer a comfortable space for women to create goals and conquer them!  

​I Believe...

I believe​...

If there is a will there is a way.

I believe...​

Relaxation is as important as a hard work out!

I believe...

That women working together can be empowering and unstoppable.

I believe...

The glass is half full!

I believe...

Baby steps create big change!! 

An Idea Becomes a Reality

To welcome my clients, I like to greet them with fresh flavored water and offer an essential oil washcloth to either to warm up or cool down with, depending on the weather. I want to provide a relaxing experience as well as a great workout! 

We Can Work Together To Achieve A Goal

Stability ball, kettle bells, battle ropes, a step 360 and weighted ball are displayed here. Mirrors also line the wall to improve proper form during movements. Each workout is different and these are some tools I use to reach the fitness goals.

My Dream is Coming Together! 

After teaching a barre class I fell in love!! Having a barre was a must! One has been mounted to the wall to offer barre styled workouts. I like to mix up the class formats which can keep your body challenged.

Baby Steps Lead To Big Changes

Everyone is different. We respond to workouts and food in different ways. This is your journey and I am here to assist you in choices to make or to push you when you just can't seem to find the motivation! 

Find A Way Not An Excuse! 

This flight of stairs can provide a great cardio burst as well as many body weighted exercise. In this private space I utilize each corner and teach you ways to be creative at home.

She Believed She Could So She Did!

Resistance training straps are shown here. These are one of my favorite tools! My equipment allows me to  provide techniques to take impact out of a movement but still providing a heart racing moment:)  Throughout any movement you can be challenged, but if you believe or desire to succeed you will!!